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The challenge of progressive migration with two systems coexisting at the same time

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“The automation of emails allows us to improve management times. In addition, we have managed to reduce the number of emails sent by being able to group several documents for the same recipient”

55 years designing technical flooring for gyms

The company's history begins in 1963, with the manufacture of sports shoe soles for firms such as Nike and Reebok. In 1990 they diversified the business into the manufacture of bedding for cattle for the Alfa Laval company, a world leader in milk production. Finally, in 1996 the Pavigym brand was launched at the same time as a new line of business was started: the manufacture of floors for the main gyms in the world.

Search for an improvement in business management

The sports flooring specialist company previously had corporate tools for managing business resources (ERP), for managing customer relationships (Customer Relationship Management), an office suite, text recognition technology (OCR) and the use of cloud development platforms. But, all these tools have fallen short for a company in constant growth, not only nationally but also internationally.

In this particular case, Emiral has developed a customized solution for the comprehensive management of email for the entire company.

We chose Emiral to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX due to the specialization of its consultants, their experience in the sector, meeting deadlines and their proactive work

Comprehensive email management

This software allows you to configure the transactions (invoices, delivery notes and purchase orders) so that at the time of shipment the documents are generated automatically. In addition, for each type of document, the specific recipients can be indicated.

Through custom templates, the system automatically fills in the subject and body information of the message (can be configured in multiple languages). In addition, this technological solution guarantees the security in sending the documentation, an aspect that is especially relevant for those companies, such as Pavigym, that operate with a large volume of customer data.

Pavigym success story with Microsoft Dynamics and Emiral

From the customer-centric perspective that characterizes Pavigym, we are advancing in our digital transformation plan focused on meeting the demands and needs of our customers, offering what they can expect from us, as a Premium company in the sector.