Simple data to make strategic decisions

The tools of Business Intelligence or Business Intelligence provide companies with reliability to know and analyze their business in real time, providing analytical information from the use of key indicators and allowing decisions to be made based on the analysis. It brings greater productivity, competitiveness and innovation to your company by obtaining the necessary information at the right time to reach a new level of success.

At Emiral we offer our customers all the benefits of using the data analysis tools. Our work in various implementation projects has provided us with the knowledge of the main KPI’s to determine the best business knowledge and decision making..

What advantages does business intelligence bring to your business?

Time and cost reduction

Data center simplification

Customization based on each business line

Increase in productivity

Our action plan at Emiral

Our Business Intelligence consulting methodology is mainly focused on the data, the analysis and the design, addressing different phases, which has become a successful procedure for our clients before various types of industries.

  • Create an action plan based on an initial study assessing the customer’s needs and establishing the company’s objectives.
  • Implement the data analysis and validation developing information management processes.
  • Optimize the analysis made by adapting it to the business needs.
Data analysis

Depending on your company’s needs, an exhaustive analysis of the most representative data will be carried out, providing more value information.

  • Definition of the necessary information to make decisions according to the data structure based on the particular needs of the company.
  • Determine the processing and preparation of the data for analysis, as well as the main KPI’s depending on the sector and the objectives determined within the strategic business plan.
  • Define and design a implementation plan of the tools that will help to better meet our objectives.
  • Delimit the infrastructure that best suits the needs of the business: on site, public cloud, private cloud, mixed system…
Diseño de visualización de datos

Depending on the needs of your company and your internal resources we will design a meticulous installation plan.

  • To define the areas that will have more positive impact with less effort, creating a progressive structure that allows to see results in the very short term, thus managing to guarantee the success of the project.
  • Determine the access to the data, analyzing how it is going to be accessed so that the design is adapted to obtain the best visualization of the information from the different devices.
  • Automation of reporting and display of specific KPI’s as well as alerts and custom dashboards according to specific business needs.
  • Setting schedules and equipment to participate in development.

Power BI

At Emiral we use tools like Microsoft Power BI to control your company’s data with the business intelligence you need. Make reliable decisions using real-time analysis and get effective results. View and share information with your team anywhere, anytime.

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