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How is the integration?

We know that logistics is one of the most important factors in the costs and profitability of a company. The functions require correct management, planning and good administration of all the flows involved in the process.

That is why we believe it is necessary to facilitate the optimization of the logistic activities, trying to carry out the tasks at the lowest cost and guaranteeing a quality service in the shortest time possible.

At EMIRAL we have managed to integrate ERP solutions with the main logistics platforms. This allows us to know the sector and offer our clients tools that complement and improve their distribution processes.

Solutions such as radio frequency scanning, mapping and routing, unique labelling, financial management, warehouse control, tracking and stock management.

We have developed a new connector that allows the interaction between the company’s ERP and the APIs of the different transport operators in the country.

This allows us to automate labelling processes in the warehouse and eliminate the double process that is carried out by the operators on many occasions, as the goods can leave the customer’s premises ready to be sent to the customers with the carrier’s labelling.

If your company needs an optimal and differentiating distribution process, you cannot stop using this tool that will allow you to reduce your delivery times and facilitate the administrative task in your warehouse!

What benefits do you get?

Reduces the administrative burden

Avoid duplication of data by printing shipping labels from the delivery note in each operator’s format from the tool itself.

Reduces time and errors

In your shipping processes, prepare orders quickly and efficiently.

Increases productivity

It speeds up all the processes to offer a quality service.

Optimize workflows

Integrate shipment information with a single click for improved management and cost savings.

Controls shipments of goods

Check the information of the carriers, shipments and dates.

What are the logistics operators?

We integrate our solution with the main logistic operators by connecting the different tools through the API’s of the suppliers.

Take advantage of connecting with your carriers

We integrate our solution with the main logistics operators by connecting the different tools through the suppliers’ APIs.



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