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What is an ERP?

ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning
but... what exactly does an ERP do?

You need a ERP!

The large amount of information generated by each department of the company is controlled in a centralized and in real time. This automation of repetitive tasks allows the company to have a global vision of the business to take strategic decisions headed for success.

Meaning of ERP

Although the term ERP can be complex -enterprise resource planning-, its definition is simple: an ERP is the integration of the different business processes: sales, finance, purchasing, supply chain, customer service, human resources, marketing, etc. in the same system

What do I need an ERP for?

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What benefits do they bring to the company?

What benefits do they bring to the company?

Why companies switch from ERP

Why companies switch from ERP

How do ERPs work?

An ERP system is organized by modules, connected to a common database from which they share information. Depending on the needs of each organization, some modules or others are implemented: sales, warehouse control, human resources, distribution, marketing, customer service, etc.

In addition to being modular, another characteristic is that they are configurable, so that they can be modified according to the company's requirements. 

Custom ERP systems are the best option because they adapt to the reality of the company. At Emiral we are experts in implementing specialized ERP systems.  

The advantages of having a personalized ERP

We are experts in consulting and implementation of ERP Sage X3 and Microsoft Dynamics

Cost effectiveness

Improvements in profitability and profit margins, so the return on investment is much higher.

Data access

Immediate and real-time access to all the information generated by the company: accounting, sales, finances, human resources.


Improvements in productivity, with the automation of tasks that take a long time: invoicing, stock control, contact with clients, etc.


Generates reports with data from different sources and systems, quickly and easily accessible to all company departments.

generate value

Free employees from manual and repetitive tasks. Use that human talent to generate value for the company.


Minimize risk with a solution that adapts to the legislation of each country where the company operates

What types of ERPs exist?

When choosing the most suitable ERP software for your company, you have to distinguish between two types: depending on the design and its installation.

In terms of design, you can opt for standard solutions, applicable to any sector, which have the advantage of speed of installation and cost. For example, for small companies, software can be implemented in the cloud or through free software; for SMEs the best option is Sage X3 and Microsoft Navision, and for large companies Microsoft Dynamics.

Pre-parameterized solutions are those that are adapted to the specific needs of the company, depending on the sector and the size of the organization. Finally, custom solutions are those that are created from scratch, to fully adapt them to the needs and characteristics of the company.

Regarding implementation, you can opt for a local ERP, which is installed on the company's servers (maintenance and updating corresponds to the IT department) or in the cloud, hosted on a web server, so information can be accessed from any device and anywhere. 


Which ERP to choose?

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  • Dynamics 365 offers you much more than an ERP. Being part of Microsoft, it gives you access to a lot of unique applications, all integrated and connected to each other.
  • Create a work environment tailored to your needs and enrich your business resources with Microsoft Azure Cloud and Microsoft 365, among others.
  • Take your office always with you!
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