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Automate more than 100,000 annual invoices
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“We chose Emiral for its human capital. For us it is very important to work with a consultant who gets involved and knows the needs and daily activity of the company”

Rocio Escorihuela
Financial Director

70 years of history. Reference in the marketing and export of fruits and vegetables

A company with an international scope like Gufresco needs to have a business management software capable of handling large volumes of sales, scalable and agile to adapt to the needs of the business.

Microsoft Dynamics AX has everything the company needs, so that management is not an impediment when it comes to growing

The growth of the business, together with the peculiarity of marketing perishable products, which require a quick time to market, were great challenges that Gufresco had to face. What until then had been done manually became unfeasible as it had to handle an average of 400 documents per day (110,000 per year). The areas that required the implementation of a business management solution were the following: production control, stock control, traceability, billing and collection control. The efficient control of all these areas has a direct consequence on the good reputation of the fruit and vegetable trading and exporting company. Gufresco meets customer expectations with a fast and efficient service.

"We have new projects and new lines of business that we want to start up and Emiral can help us coordinate them with the current lines of business and unify them"

Rocio Escorihuela

Financial Director

From manual to automated

Until the implementation of this ERP, the sending of invoices was done manually. To do this, each invoice was converted into a PDF and attached to an email message, with the corresponding search for the contact or contacts to send the invoice to.

This was the first step in the implementation, which was immediately joined by the automation of other documents. The enormous potential, flexibility and robustness of the system has allowed its evolution in a natural way, including internal alert systems that help them to be more efficient in their daily work. For example, when a picking person cancels an order line due to a lack of stock, the system automatically notifies the corresponding team (depending on variables such as the customer and the item, the recipient of the alert varies).

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We are able to issue electronic invoices quickly and easily. In addition, its scalability is an added value since it allows us to implement new developments according to our growth needs.