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What is Sage X3?

Sage EM X3 is the next generation of business solutions. The latest in ERP technology with integrated functionality for finance, sales, production, inventory and distribution management, among many others.

Sage X3 has all the advantages and benefits you expect from an ERP, but without the complexity and cost of traditional management systems. Bet on a fast and agile software with in-cloud technology incorporated.

What kind of business is it designed for?

Sage X3 is the best choice for small and medium businesses. Don’t wait any longer! Give your business the tools it needs to keep growing.

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What are the advantages of Sage EM X3?

Di adiós a los sistemas ERP tradicionales y obsoletos. Actualízate y dale a tu negocio las herramientas que necesita para iniciar la transformación digital. Olvídate de complicaciones a la hora de gestionar tu empresa. Haz que tu negocio comience a crecer ya con las ventajas únicas que te ofrece Sage X3.

Obtén flexibilidad

Un sistema de gestión que se adapta a tu negocio como anillo al dedo. Configura las funcionalidades de Sage X3 a las necesidades particulares de tu empresa ¡Un ERP hecho a tu medida!

Gana rapidez

Tu tiempo es oro ¡sácale el mayor provecho! Sage X3 ofrece una interfaz potente e intuitiva que garantiza la máxima usabilidad y productividad para los usuarios.

Optimiza tus datos

¡Información es poder! Gestiona tu negocio con información actualizada y al día. Integra toda tu información en una única base de datos.

Acelera tus procesos

Reduce los costes y mejora la gestión financiera, de producción y de la cadena de suministro de tu negocio con un amplio mosaico de funcionalidades integradas.

Expande tus fronteras

Abre tu empresa a nuevos mercados con módulos especialmente diseñados para hacer que tu negocio compita con éxito en el escenario internacional.

Evoluciona con la nube

Adáptate a la nueva forma de hacer negocios. Con Sage Business Cloud X3 puedes elegir una implantación en la nube para acceder a toda tu información desde donde sea.

What functional modules does Sage X3 offer?

Create a working environment tailored to your needs. Sage X3 has different modules that can be easily configured to your company.

Easily manage your company’s accounting through advanced accounting functions and systematic budgeting, analysis and reporting.

In addition, international business and regulatory requirements will not be a problem for your company when positioning your business in the global marketplace.

  • Bank management
  • Cost accounting
  • Expenses and budgeting

Optimise and multiply your sales. Automate product configuration, order creation and credit checking.

Not all your customers are the same. With Sage X3 you get the tools to reach each one of them through a differentiated treatment.

  • Quotes, contracts and open orders
  • Pricing and discounts
  • Invoicing and claims for unpaid invoices

Make your transactions smart! With Sage X3 learn how to manage every purchase action and take advantage of discounts and offers. Execute purchase transactions with ease, such as orders, receipts and purchase requisitions.

  • Supplier and product management
  • Contracts and budgetary accounting
  • Non-conformity management

Make your company’s manufacturing operations run smoothly, from work centre management to quality control and production analysis. Plus, speed up planning, replenishment, routing and other processes.

  • Production cost accounting.
  • Replenishment and inter-plant transfers.
  • List of materials and recipe planning.

Give your supply chain a boost. Control stock and manage the pace of demand to meet on-time deliveries. Get the tools you need to manage traceability, product location, inventory replenishment tasks and more.

  • Quality control and sampling.
  • Stock movements.
  • Shipping, container and supplier management.

Give your employees (sales reps and managers) all the tools they need to get the most out of customer interactions. Carry out effective marketing campaigns and obtain a higher percentage of customer loyalty.

  • Contact management.
  • Sales force task automation.
  • Marketing campaigns.

Control your projects from the start of planning, through the construction of the offer to the completion of the service. This module allows you to divide each of your projects into stages and monitor the progress of costs and timescales through graphical dashboards and financial statements.

  • Task and resource planning.
  • Time and budget progress tracking.
  • Budget allocation.

More Sage X3 features


Easily access your reports and audit trails


Automatically configure workflows


Take advantage of all the benefits of cloud deployment


Manage, store and share your documents


View all your information on your mobile devices


Manage your invoices and receipts in accordance with the new AEAT regulations.

An ERP ready for any sector

No need for add-on software! Sage X3 offers functionality designed for any type of industry:


Deliver fast, efficient service to your customers. Regardless of the geographic context, Sage X3 tools will give your distribution business the visibility, reach and control they need.


The quality of your products depends on the production process and operational efficiency is critical to the success of your business. With Sage X3, manage your entire production chain, from planning to inventory.


Manage and control your projects from start to finish. From planning to regular process monitoring. Provide your customers with an extraordinary service or consulting experience.


Turn your distribution company into a profitable and highly competitive business. Reduce costs, minimise risks and comply with regulatory requirements in today’s market.

Want more? Explore Sage X3 extensions!

At Emiral we know that each of our customers is different. We invite you to discover the different extensions that can be added to the standard package depending on the needs of your company. Discover the full potential of Sage X3!

1. HR and Payroll:

Turn human resources management into a competitive advantage for your company. A module designed to enable your team to automate workflows..

2. Product configurator:

Streamlines configuration procedures and final price allocation. A module created for companies whose customers demand highly configurable products.

3. Sage Murano:

Specially designed to extract accounting information from your Sage database and prepare it for filing VAT or IRPF documentation according to official forms and forms.

4. Sage SEI:

Sage’s business intelligence tool. Make the best decisions for your business based on the analysis of all the information collected in your database.

5. Sage XRT Treasury:

Get the best tools for cash management and control of receipts and payments in a completely secure way.

Are you looking for something more personalised? At Emiral we guarantee a development tailored to your company’s needs.

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