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What we make?

Our service Functional Support aims to support the correct and efficient use of the ERP, as well as the resolution of doubts about the operation of the system's functionality with respect to the installed base.

This help is provided through the structure of Service Desk and Functional Support to end users, to resolve concerns about the operation of the functionalities that arise and channel incidents for resolution.

How can we help your company?

We make acontinuous monitoring of incidents, assigning exclusive personnel to them, in such a way that we ensure that at the time of addressing the resolution, knowledge is not derived, as happens on occasions when the support service is carried out in an impersonal manner.

personalized support

We have our experts to offer the best support to each client.

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We have a team of experts with years of experience who will use their knowledge to answer questions about the operation of the software, configuration of parameters and installation or reinstallation of the ERP.


It includes the analysis and solution of all the errors produced in the system due to the parameters or processes defined during the implementation. If necessary, we provide the required support to correct user operating errors.


This type of incident includes the solution and correction of problems caused by technical errors in the system, whose solution must be carried out through the ERP development tools.


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