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What is Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the latest business management software from Microsoft. It is a program that, by integrating the functionalities of an ERP with those of a CRM, works as an all-in-one solution.

Due to the giant steps companies are taking in terms of ‘digital transformation’, having an advanced management system is a key requirement if you want your business to remain competitive in the marketplace.

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Why choose Dynamics 365?


Dynamics 365 offers a wide range of functionalities. Each of them is designed to make your business go from strength to strength. Remember: managing your business with a good management software does not have to be a problem.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is easy and simple to use. No headaches or complications for your employees.

Spread your wings in the cloud

Fly high and unlimited. With Microsoft Azure, all your processes are hosted on a cloud platform. Take your office with you and work from anywhere.

All in one, all integrated

Imagine the advantages of having all the functionalities of an ERP and a CRM in the same platform. It works in an environment completely connected with other Microsoft applications and tools (Microsoft 365).

100% Scalability

Create a solution that fits your needs. Dynamics 365 is very easy to build and customize as tools can be added as your business grows.

Your customers come first

Collect your customer’s data in one place. Understand their consumption habits through pre-determined KPIs and offer them a personalized shopping experience.

Increased productivity

Give your managers and your team all the tools they need to perform their tasks in a more agile and efficient way.

Don't take any risks!

Keep all your information safe with a reliable security system and the Microsoft guarantee.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules

All the tools you need to streamline your business processes.

The rules of the market are changing radically. Shoppers are becoming more demanding and demanding better shopping experiences. In order for your sales force to meet these new requirements, it is essential that they have the necessary tools.

  • Sell smart.
  • Build strong relationships with your customers.
  • Save time on management tasks and focus on optimizing sales.
Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to personalize the attention of each one of your clients, manage transactions and solve complex situations through a platform with totally unified information.
  • Improves request management and problem solving.
  • Interacts with users through different channels.
  • Provide your customers with quick answers based on up-to-date information.
Troubleshooting and maintenance solutions do not have to be a problem. With Dynamics 365 you can detect and solve field services quickly and efficiently. Keep your customers happy and satisfied.
  • It provides a proactive and predictive maintenance service.
  • Optimize the organization of your technical resources.
  • Guarantees the best repairs in the shortest possible time.

Use the data from Dynamics 365 Sales to reach more customers through targeted shopping experiences. Coordinate your marketing strategies with the best tools designed for each business type.

  • Manage and optimize your marketing campaigns.
  • Reach more potential customers.
  • Get the most out of your database.

If you want to offer a quality service to your clients, planning your projects is fundamental. Don’t let chaos take over your projects. With Dynamics 365, organize the deadlines, budget and tasks assigned to each of your employees.

  • Plan and display costs and delivery times.
  • Control and monitor each stage of your project (for managers and directors).
  • Get an integrated and cloud-based platform to unify your workflows.

Your workers are your greatest treasure. That is why they need the best tools to increase their productivity. Create a flexible space in your company and know closely the work of each of your employees.

  • Provide self-service tools to your employees and managers
  • Modernizes human resource management (payroll, vacation, leave, etc.)
  • Attracts and retains talent. Maximize the professional progress of your workers.
And many others! Meet the integrated universe of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Finance & Operations is a powerful ERP software equipped with the best artificial intelligence tools and specially designed to help manage the processes and resources of medium and large companies.
The star features of Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations:

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Towards a more connected business world

Take your office allways with you!
Dynamics 365 offers you much more than an ERP. As part of Microsoft, it gives you access to a wealth of unique applications, all integrated and connected to each other.
Create a working environment adapted to your needs and enrich your business resources with Microsoft Azure Cloud, Microsoft 365 and more.

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