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Integration with B2Brouter

Electronic invoice – Online billing program

Digitize your company's billing process

From EMIRAL we present the optimal solution for sending and receiving invoices in the proper format and comply with the Electronic invoice. A billing solution in the cloud that connects with all your customers and suppliers, digitizing the billing process of your company. You will be able to streamline procedures with your customers and suppliers and at the same time reduce costs. Digitize the sending and receiving of invoices with companies around the world, thanks to the interconnection of B2Brouter with the main electronic invoicing networks.

Digitize and optimize your company's billing!

What are the benefits?

global interoperability

global interoperability

Connection and processing of shipments and receipts of invoices with public and private companies around the world.

ease of use

Easy to use

To avoid wasting time when generating invoices.

information public administrations

Large amount of information from public administrations

It has a large database with more than 6,000 public entities to lighten the management of information automatically.

direct connection

Direct connection to entry points

With the guarantee that shipments always reach their recipient thanks to the connection with the main electronic invoicing networks.

Notifications and status changes

You will be informed at all times of the current billing status in real time.
public private organizations

Valid for public and private organizations

This solution is accepted by both private companies and public bodies.


From a single platform you can send invoices to customers and receive invoices from suppliers. All centralized so that there is no loss of information.


Electronic submissions can be made in different formats.

Complies with the "Create and Grow Law" and electronic invoice

Law 18/2022 "Create and Grow Law", already approved and published in the BOE, obliges companies and the self-employed to use electronic invoicing for all their commercial transactions. Get ahead of the legal deadlines!

  • Maximum 1 year after approval for companies and freelancers whose annual turnover is greater than 8 million euros.
  • Maximum 2 years after approval for companies and freelancers whose annual turnover is less than 8 million euros.

With B2Brouter we cover the need generated by the law and thus, your company will have the ability to send and receive electronic invoices in all commercial relations with other national and international companies.

Integration with invoices

Manage the sending and receiving of invoices – Electronic invoicing

Send and receive electronic invoices

Send invoices to all your customers and receive invoices from all your suppliers

Manage the different formats

Send electronic invoice in the appropriate format. Create or import the invoice and convert it to the format required by the recipient

Connect to public and private networks

Parameterizable, organic and dynamic structure.
Simplicity in document maintenance.

Configurable features

Send electronic invoices to companies around the world through public and private networks.

Control status changes

Control changes in the status of issued and received invoices to streamline communication with your customers and suppliers

expiration reminder

Send a notification to your client when the invoice is due and you have not received payment.

Our integrations

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Revolutionize the way you do business with an all-in-one, scalable and customizable tool. To your measure.

Now Dynamics 365 Finance is a powerful business management software solution, aimed at medium and large companies.

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