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Flexicar is the reference company in the sale of vehicles in Spain
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"Due to the rapid growth of the Flexicar Group, we needed a new management system that would allow us to automate processes, in order to manage the large volume of information we receive."

The leading company in the vehicle sales sector

The company manages hundreds of thousands of operations per year, this high volume was the reason why it was decided to abandon the manual accounting carried out up to now in order to make the leap towards the automation of such important departments for the business as financial, treasury, commercial and logistics. This step from manual operations, which slowed down activity, to digitization has been possible with the implementation of the Sage X3 solution.

Sage X3 to respond to the new business stage of Flexicar

This first phase has focused on the implementation of the economic-financial solution with which the control of the entire vehicle sales cycle: reservation, purchase, sale, supply, financing, etc.. In this way, an individualized follow-up is carried out by license plate, guaranteeing the reliability of the operations.

"To do this, we take advantage of the implementation of a new ERP, to use its base and program the different modules, adapted to our business model," says the head of Accounting at
Flexicar, Álvaro González López.

When it comes to benefits

The person in charge of the accounting area is clear: «Thanks to this management system we have managed to automate many processes (automatic bank reconciliations, loading and accounting of supplier invoices, better control of collections and customer invoices, etc.) and quality of the processes and, therefore, achieving great savings for the company».

Companies such as Flexicar, seeking flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness in operations, as well as immediate access to information from any device and for it to be updated in real time, Sage X3 is the solution due to its scalability, since it allows the incorporation of new functionalities according to the growth needs of the company.

The implementation of the Sage X3 accounting module is a starting point at Flexicar: «Our idea is to continue developing the management system, to help the company to continue growing, helping to improve time and costs, creating new projects to automate processes”.

"We opted for Emiral as a technology consultant because they provided us with the necessary programming capacity to adapt the management system to the automatic processes we wanted to carry out, and because of the personalized treatment we received"