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The benchmark company in the renewable energy sector

The Gesternova Group has found in Sage X3 a more agile and immediate solution for the management of accounting movements, allowing it to cope with the increase in its volume of customers and invoicing.

“Sage X3 enables the generation of accounting and reporting information on a global scale, homogenising data and providing an aggregated view of all lines of business across multiple countries”

Diego Benavente
Financial Director

From Sage 200 to Sage X3 to respond to the Gesternova Group's new business phase

The company was using the Sage 200 solution to manage the company’s invoicing and accounting. This solution is designed for small and medium-sized companies that operate from a single entity and require a territorial accounting ERP. The turning point came when the Gesternova Group began a new stage of business growth, with its international expansion. In these circumstances, the Sage 200 system and its functionalities fell short, so the natural evolution was to move from Sage 200 to Sage X3.

Emiral is the Sage partner that has carried out this migration, which has taken place in two phases: the first, at the company’s headquarters in Spain; and the second phase focused on internationalisation.

“The natural evolution within Sage is to evolve from Sage 200 to Sage X3, a multi-location, multi-language, multi-company product that adapts to the legislation in force in each country where the company operates.”

Diego Benavente
Financial Director

When it comes to benefits

The Gesternova Group’s financial director is clear: “Moving from Sage 200 to SageX3 has allowed us to take advantage of practically all the work done by our IT department in the development of programmes linking the company’s operating platforms. Specifically, Sage X3 allows us to generate accounting and reporting information on a global scale, homogenising data and offering a joint vision of all business lines, in multiple countries”.

The Gesternova Group recommends this tool for its flexibility and ability to adapt to the needs of the business. And Emiral for its professionalism and its involvement in the project, with real-time support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Moving from Sage 200 to SageX3 has allowed us to leverage virtually all of the work done by our IT department in developing software that links the company’s operating platforms”

Diego Benavente
Financial Director

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