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Third party portal

Integrated with Sage X3

Allow your clients to access company information in real time through an online 100% platform

Sage X3 Customer Portal

It is a solution that allows you to automatically share the most relevant information with your clients in real time. Your clients will have at their disposal the information they determine from the Purchasing and Sales areas, as well as documents from the document manager and billing. 

What are the benefits?


Customers will always have easy access to all relevant information and, most importantly: as it is integrated with the ERP, the data will be constantly updated (order status, history, invoices, payments...).


With both systems integrated, delegating and automating is a luxury. Thus, you have all the information synchronized and you reduce all those management tasks that steal your time.


A user portal helps you improve the customer experience, allows you to offer personalized content and ensure problem resolution.


By having the portal integrated with the ERP, you can demonstrate transparency in process control. Since, just like you, the customer will know at all times what stage of the process their order is at.


Is there anything better than an office that works alone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? The client area allows you a greater response capacity, without limits on office hours, and guarantees access to the information of each user.

Error range

By centralizing all company information on a single platform, the possibility of errors is reduced. Like, for example, an incorrect document on the customer portal.

What does it offer the third party portal?


Mobility and security are a reality, because the Customer Portal is accessible from any browser and device.


It allows you to customize and choose which customers access and what information is shared with each user. All in an automatic and unassisted way, with the connection with Sage.


Innovate, evolve and improve the quality of relationships with your customers, making it easier for them to access their information.

Main features

Access to all information

Your customers will be able to access company information (orders, incidents, invoices...) at any time.

Consultation of invoices

They will have access to all their invoices in an agile and simple way. The information will always be kept up to date.

From any device

Your private area will be available from your mobile or computer to be able to access your information from anywhere.

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Case studies

TOTTO: Billing and accounting management

"With Emiral's Mail-ERP mail management tool, we have managed to keep the client constantly informed about their orders and we include documentation such as invoices and delivery notes"

PAVIGYM: Comprehensive email management

“The automation of emails allows us to improve management times. In addition, we have managed to reduce the number of emails sent by being able to group several documents for the same recipient”

GUFRESCO: Control of production, stock, invoicing, collections and traceability

«We are capable of issuing electronic invoices quickly and easily. In addition, its scalability is an added value since it allows us to implement new developments according to our growth needs»


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