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Software for
Distribution Sector

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Specific solutions
for distribution sectors

In a world in which the customer has more and more decision-making power and has more resources at his disposal to cover his needs and demands, companies dedicated to distribution must differentiate themselves from their competition.

To face these continuous changes, it is technology that allows us to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the competitors, and with creactivity and innovation It allows to ensure the growth that companies seek.

For companies in the sector it is essential to have the ability to adapt to continuous changes to which they are subject, for this it is crucial to have a solution that allows companies to be one step ahead of their competitors. The choice of a powerful ERP system can help meet these challenges as part of the digital transformation process of a business.

Integration with logistics operators

In EMIRAL we have achieved integrate ER solutionsP with the main logistics platforms, this allows us to know the sector and offer our clients tools that complement and improve their distribution processes.

Solutions such as radio frequency scanning, maps and routes, unique labeling, even financial management, going through the control, monitoring and management of stocks in warehouses.

Learn more about our integration with logistics operators and quickly generate the labels of your shipments directly with the format of the carriers!

Warehouse Management Software

A EMS is a warehouse management software, a computer system that allows integrate and manage effectively all operational and logistic tasks of a storage space, managing all movements, materials and work machinery.

This solution is ideal for companies related to distribution, wholesale businesses and all those companies that need to carry out a automated management and optimization of your warehouse movements. In addition, they can be integrated with the company's ERP system.

Learn more about our warehouse management software and effectively automate all your warehouse movements!

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Specific solutions for retail sectors

The retail sector is the most dynamic and volatile as it directly serves the end customer, a customer who is constantly changing and always wants the best: quality, care, ease of use and access.

We are currently talking about purchases from the mobile, or automatic payment methods, simple and, above all, immediate. For this reason, the management of companies in the retail sector requires a integrated, omnichannel and multi-device management system, which allows offering good customer experiences and extracting knowledge from business data that facilitates taking Right decisions.

We help you find a solution to analyze and exploit your information management system!

What do these tools provide?


Quickly control stock and automate your company's storage and collection tasks efficiently.


It tracks the movement of products, inputs and outputs of warehouses, facilitates location and collection of orders.


It manages in real time all the workflows carried out with the supply chain and the warehouse, and guarantees the traceability of the products.

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