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Mailing solution designed by Emiral

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"Since 2015, Emiral has incorporated improvements in the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 solution, to adapt the ERP to the growth needs of ABC Compressors"

ABC Compressors has positioned itself in the markets as a benchmark in piston compressors

The company, which operates in more than 120 countries, needed a solution to automate the sending of emails, with various documentation, to customers and suppliers because it is one of the administrative procedures in which the most time is spent.

The company comprehensively manages mail and with the same tool it uses for the entire business

This solution developed by Emiral allows you to customize the design of emails using templates. The system automatically fills in the subject and body information of the message. It is also possible to send the email in different languages, a transcendental aspect for a company like ABC Compressors is a high level of international activity.

As it is a configurable solution, it is possible to organize all the documentation of the same client related to invoices in directories, it can also be classified by various criteria, among which are the name of the client, the year the employment relationship began and any other aspect. that the company considers relevant

“Emiral has also developed several customized web applications for the brand, among which are the development of an application for the company's technical service and improvements to the web application that ABC Compressors has for managing travel expenses. .”

A collaboration that looks to the future

The collaboration between Emiral and ABC Compressors began in 2015, continues today and has a longer horizon. Currently, the technology consultancy is carrying out the development of a portal for its main distributors, in order to facilitate and speed up their

The value that ABC Compressors highlights from Emiral is its support and its closeness to the client. This accompaniment is the one that provides high results, because it allows new developments to be implemented according to the needs of the company, and to solve any incident as soon as it occurs.

“Emiral is currently developing a portal for ABC Compressors distributors.”