Do you need a solution to manage your food industry?

The food industry has complex management processes in place to comply with increasingly restrictive legal regulations and quality standards (IFS, BRC, etc.).

At EMIRAL we are specialists in the sector, with more than 15 years of experience in power supply projects. Manage all the critical points of your company in an agile and controlled way, from quality control, traceability and the entire production process.

Kosher, Halal, BIO… none of these certificates will ever be a problem again. Easily identify which products comply with regulations throughout the production process. Allergens, analysis, safety sheets… centralize and share the necessary information between all points of the production process and forget about duplicating information in several systems.

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Specific solutions for the food and beverage industry

Fresh fruit and vegetables

Manufacturing and distributing fresh food, such as fruit and vegetables, is a major challenge for any ERP. The high volume of transactions and the immediacy of each operation requires a good team behind it.

Orders, delivery notes, invoices, forget about manual processes. Your orders will be automatically created in your system, and your customers will instantly receive their delivery notes and invoices electronically.

There’s no time to lose! Whether your fruit and vegetables are fresh-cut or pre-prepared, they will not perish before your erp has completed all the processes.

Agricultural management

The management of any farm is very particular and very few ERPs are prepared. If we also have a large number of smallholdings, the control of the costs of the operation is vital.

Manage all the activities carried out in your fields and control to the penny the cost of each of the varieties you have planted or unplanted land.

Make your accounting department get along with your farm, without giving up a thorough cost analysis!

What do these tools provide?

Create your orders automatically

Instantly send invoices and delivery notes electronically

Controls all costs in real time

Manage and analyze all your activities effectively

Do you want to benefit from the advantages of our integrations?

As a company specialised in consulting services and analysis of management systems, at EMIRAL we can help you adapt to these changes through our services based on solvent solutions.

Dare to transform your company!

Manage and administer your business immediately by controlling information in real time.

Do you have any further questions about our specified implementations in food & beverage?