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Emiral new office Valencia

Emiral expands its team in Valencia with a new office

Since last May we have a new office in Valencia to respond to the projects that are coming to us from that region. To address these tasks, we have also expanded our team, both in Valencia and in the Madrid office. This initiative responds to the purpose of the brand by being close to the customer and accompanying him from the implementation of business management solutions, to the subsequent phases of maintenance and updating.

The office is located on Avenida Hermanos Maristas, 28. The director of Valencia, Enrique Navarro, highlighted the leap that the company is taking: "The growing interest of companies in digitization and, specifically, in automating processes to achieve efficient work, with reduction of time, costs and improvement in productivity, is being reflected in the number of projects that are coming to us, from all sectors. With this momentum, the time has come to grow internally, both as professionals and as clients.”

The inauguration of the office was a reason to organize a meeting of the entire Emiral team, "an opportunity to be together, something so important in this era in which teleworking prevails, to see each other's faces in person, share experiences and promote fellowship, with activities outside the work environment. We have shared a meal on the beach and a volleyball game».

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