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How to simplify sending documents by mail with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Emails have become the main communication channel in companies. Every day there is a huge amount of documentation that we send to both customers and suppliers. It is an administrative task that takes up more and more of our time, to which is added the risk that the information, in some cases confidential, is sent to another recipient by mistake. Given this context, more and more companies are choosing to automate mail and for this they choose the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution.

Benefits of optimizing management times

As detailed in the article How to optimize the sending of documents through emailHere are some of the benefits:

  • Simplification in the storage and sending of notifications with third parties.
  • The number of emails issued is reduced by grouping several documents per shipment.
  • Simple and agile control of the recipients of the messages.
  • Custom templates. You can choose the design of the emails. The system automatically fills in the subject and body information of the message. It is also possible to send the email in different languages.
  • Guarantee that the emails are received by the recipient through the acknowledgment of reading and acknowledgment of receipt.

case study

This video details how sending emails with documentation works with a practical case. 

This email management solution is implemented in the ERP of Microsoft Dynamics AX, so that in all those companies that have already implemented this business operations integration system, the process is faster and easier. However, any interested company, even if it does not have any solution as a starting point, can opt for this alternative for greater control and agility in sending documentation. 

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