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Mail - ERP document delivery solution ERP

Emiral creates a solution to improve the sending of documents by email through the ERP

A new functionality to improve the sending of documents via email. This is the new solution Mail – ERP mail management, integrated with the ERP Microsoft Dynamics or Sage X3, created by Emiral and which various companies from different sectors have already had the opportunity to verify.

What is Mail-ERP

This functionality comes to solve one of the most frequent problems that companies face when sending files: it guarantees the sending of documents by email to clients and suppliers, in an agile way and, above all, minimizing any error as much as possible. .

One of the main advantages of this solution is that it allows you to automate the sending of documents, configuring multiple recipients for each type of document. Which translates into time reduction. In addition, by allowing several documents to be grouped per shipment, the number of emails can be reduced.

And all this integrated with the ERP of your company, either Dynamics (365 and AX) or sage x3. You can download the file for each integration below:

Advantages of uniting the mail with the ERP

These are some of the advantages obtained by linking the email with the company's ERP:

Mail recipients: fully controls the recipients of the messages and defines for each type of document, for each client or supplier, and even for each message, the recipients who should receive the mail

Post Pool: centralizes mailings from the ERP, with the possibility of attaching more documents to those generated by the POOL (invoices, orders, delivery notes, etc.).

Document delivery management: configure the parameters and manage the sending of different types of documents, such as invoices, orders, delivery notes, etc. Generate PDF documents automatically associated with the transaction or configure them for deferred shipments at the time you consider appropriate.

Custom templates. Create fully customized templates for different notifications, with appearance and functionalities adapted to the company's needs. In addition, templates in different languages can be used.

Sectors that can use this Mail – ERP solution

The best thing about this solution is that it can be used in all sectors and activities in which sending documents to third parties by email is common. It is only necessary to previously have an ERP implemented in the company, so that the Emiral team can integrate this new functionality.

Do you want to integrate Mail – ERP in your company?
We help you!

In Emiral We know how much your company is worth, whether it is small, medium or large. For this reason, we want to offer you the best ERP management solutions so that your business continues to grow.

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