Firefox Multi-Account Container as a cure for using multiple accounts in one place

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The extension Firefox Multi-Account Containers allows us to easily manage the tabs we have to open for different clients. In this entry, we will explain how it works:

When downloading it, we will create the profiles we need for our clients as we can see in the following image

Then, we will add the name of the client, the color and the icon we want

After accepting, we will click on the new client and by default it will show us a blank window, we will go to the page we want to log in with the credentials provided. This allows us to register in the same page with different credentials, without constantly changing browsers or starting private windows.

For example, we can sign in to our gmail account within client 1 profile, but when we init client 2 and go to gmail, we’ll be asked for an account again, since no one has signed in to that profile.

Different applications where this extension is useful:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Products where more than one customer is accounted for
  • Outlook

José Elías Enrique

Desarrollador web en EMIRAL

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