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Particularly in the case of the food industry, the management of quality controls is fundamental, and one of the key factors in identifying those products that comply with quality and safety levels according to food regulations throughout the production process.

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Batch statuses and dates:

Batch statuses can be customised per customer, so that we can control that a batch is suitable for sale, but cannot be sold to a specific customer because it has different specifications. In addition, default expiry dates and maximum delivery dates are set. This means that when a batch is created, the system calculates the shelf life based on what is configured and also assigns a maximum delivery date to the batch.

Change control:

Sensitive data of articles, batches, etc. are activated by a change control. This control involves, in addition to collecting the changes made to a record, obliging the user to indicate the reason for the change being made.

Quality analysis:

Quality analyses are created each time a batch is created in the system (from a production or from a purchase order). They indicate the list of tests to be performed in each analysis.

Analysis bulletin:

Each time a delivery note is registered for a batch with an analysis, an analysis bulletin is created. This bulletin collects the tests and results of the analysis and prints the customer data, delivery note and the details of the analysis in a document.

Data sheets:

Data sheets allow product data to be collected in order to produce a document with these characteristics. These have version control, establishing statuses for each of the versions (active/obsolete/inactive), as well as language management.

Safety sheets:

The system allows you to manage the hazardous elements of each of the articles, being able to print the label with the relevant pictograms.


With this functionality, it is possible to issue certificates to clients, indicating that the list of articles indicated complies with certain characteristics, leaving a record of these certificates.

Manufacturing instructions:

This functionality allows us to manage the manufacturing instructions of our products.

Control of approvals:

In order to be able to approve a supplier, it is necessary that they provide us with a series of documentation. In addition, this documentation has an expiry date, so it will be necessary to ask the supplier to renew it from time to time. If the supplier does not provide this documentation, he loses the approval.

Sending documents:

Documents can be sent automatically or manually. There is also the possibility of creating automatic sending of updates in the technical documentation.


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