Business Intelligence

Being able to offer analysis tools is one of the main objectives that our clients request us. Our work in various implementation projects has provided us with the knowledge of the main KPI to determine the best business knowledge and decision making.

Simple data for making strategic decisions


Our analysis process is based primarily on determining the following key points:

  • What information do we need to be able to make decisions?
  • What tools can help us to better meet our objectives and design a plan to implement them?
  • What type of infrastructure is best suited to the needs of your business, in your facilities, public cloud, private cloud, mixed system?
  • Determine which are the main KPIs depending on both the sector and the objectives that have been determined within the strategic business plan.


Depending on the needs of your company and your internal resources, we will design a meticulous implementation plan, analysing the following:

  • Areas where it will have a greater positive impact with less effort, creating a progressive structure that allows to see results in very short term thus ensuring the success of the project.
  • How will the data access be, analysing how it will be accessed so that the design is adapted to obtain the best visualization of the information from different devices.
  • Calendar and equipment arrangements to participate in the development.