Colours per company in Dynamics 365 For Operations

¿Cómo conseguirlo? In this new version, color combinations shown to the user are grouped under what D365FO calls “Themes”. This means that we cannot choose a concrete colour (by its RGB component, for example), but a colour combination among those predefined, supplied by the system. Standard application allows user to choose one of these Themes, […]

EMIRAL Supports work-life balance

More and more companies are supporting family conciliation measures, making possible the harmony between life inside and outside of work. This type of company is known as Family-friendly. Following this current, from Emiral we bet on measures such as: Work flexibility, adapting the schedules of our employees to their personal needs. Granting of maternal and […]

Emiral receives a special visit

Due to the inauguration of the new installations of the Móstoles Business Incubator, we had the opportunity to meet and talk with the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, and the Mayor of Móstoles, Noelia Posse. Both wanted to approach our space within the nursery and be interested in our sector and our […]

Creating tiles in Dynamics 365

What is a tile? A tile is a box that shows alphanumerically specific information within a workspace. How to create a tile? We part from a table, in this case all projects.                 We apply the filter we want, in this example, we will filter all the projects […]