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Time control

AX Day Control allows compliance with the obligations established by Royal Decree-Law 8/2019, of March 8, which modifies art. 34 of the Workers' Statute, establishing the duty of the company to guarantee the registration of the working day, which must include the specific start and end times of the working day without prejudice to the existing flexible hours.

Failure to comply will be considered a serious offense (penalties of €626 – €6,250).

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List of clients associated with the employee, with direct access to related information: contact data, allocations, work reports, projects...


With a single click your workers can perform any action mentioned above to modify their days. In addition, in case of error, they can make corrections on them.


Workers can clock in from anywhere using any device: laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet.


By basing its operation on the terminals from which the application is accessed, it is not necessary to install any type of magnetic device or any other type in the workplace.


You will be able to have all the information related to the registration of the working hours of the workers.
The reports allow your company to have control of the hours worked by your employees, absences, as well as the vacations taken.