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Manage your sales

At Emiral we offer a solution to manage your business’ sales, stock, and orders, with an online catalog so that you can take advantage of all the benefits of e-commerce.

We provide an environment for your e-commerce directly connected to your ERP, oriented to sales management and with the aim of facilitating the entry and administration of data.

Work with our solution and access all your customer information, track orders or process them directly from our application. In addition, you can generate data, statistics and reports of your company, as well as make inquiries about your business in real time.

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The advantage of all the benefits

24h Online Service

Corporative portal

Customer entrance

Order Management


What is the B2B portal like?

B2B models are based on a direct relationship between companies, with benefits directed to them. The final consumer is other companies that, in turn, are suppliers to the final customer, so they require a more professional treatment.

At Emiral we offer a solution adapted to your company’s activity, easy to use and learn, for any group of users. A product that offers compatibility with any device. Work from your computer, mobile or tablet.

DIFFERENT ACCESSES FOR DIFFERENT ROLES. Access all customer information, access the product catalog and place orders on behalf of your customers, or view all your customer data in real time.

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What are the benefits?

Work with a functional solution designed for you

Reduces administrative workload

Keep your departments connected with information at all times

We adapt the design of the B2B portal to your needs, with the corporate image of your business

Encourage interaction with your customers

Access the client area

Manage your client portfolio quickly and easily, with the aim of reducing administrative costs and providing clients with a quick and convenient way to manage their operations and make their queries. At Emiral we offer a solution fully integrated with your ERP to streamline all customer interactions with your company, so that they themselves can access their information without the need to contact by phone or email.

Customers will be able to access all their information: tax data, delivery addresses, company contact, order status and tracking, documents pending payment, lists of deliveries made, invoices and credit notes in PDF format, or annual report 347.

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A virtual office tailored to your business

Centralized data. A single database to avoid duplication of information

Optimizes resources. Reduces loads to different departments

Fully integrated. Automated processes without the need for manual work

An online platform 24h. With multi-language access, from anywhere, at any time

Dare to transform your company!

Integrate e-commerce with your ERP

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