For a better management of the work orders, EMIRAL has developed a mobility solution that integrates directly with Dynamics AX.

This solution consists of a responsive web application, accessible from any device, whether smartphone, tablet or PC. It also offers the possibility to install natively on Android devices.

Through the employee’s device, you can approve the work orders through a signature. These work orders are automatically sent to the customer’s email that we have parameterized in AX.

From Dynamics AX we can manage all the imputations and created work orders, knowing the status of these. Also access the generated documents and preview them, print them …

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List of customers

List of the clients associated to the employee, being able to directly access the related information: Contact data, imputations, work orders, projects…

Allocation of expenses and hours

Through the desired device, the employee can create charges and expenses within the project in which he is working. In the act, the information is recorded both in the application and in AX, saving time and having those allocations available for the creation of the work order and the approval of the client.

Creation of work orders

Possibility of choosing the imputations that will make up a work order, by a range of dates and by project. By default, only the imputations that are pending to be approved are dragged, and can be edited, deleted, etc.

Approval of work orders

Once the work orders are created, they are pending approval from the client. From the employee’s device, the client can directly sign the work orders, thereby approving the same. You can also add comments to expand the information on the work order.

Stages of the process

REGISTER allocation

CREATE work order

APPROVE by the customer

Sending work orders

Our tool allows you to configure the sending of the work pieces directly to the client’s email account.

Integration with Dynamics AX

From Ax we can keep track of all the work orders and allocations that are created in the application, knowing the status of these.
This allows us to obtain a real-time “photograph” of how the service we are offering our clients is, and to be able to act more quickly when necessary.