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Integrated email management

At EMIRAL we offer the optimal solution for your third-party mail management. A solution that adapts to the needs of our customers, facilitating their daily work. Making the most of our ERP.

The solution adapts to your business to simplify the generation, storage and sending of e-mail notifications of transactions with third parties. All from the same tool with which you manage the rest of your business, and offering the option of reducing the number of e-mails issued by grouping several documents per dispatch.

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What are the benefits?


Improve management times, saving on the process of managing mailings with documentation to third parties, and automating our system to get the most out of it.


Simplify the generation, storage and sending of email notifications of transactions with third parties. All from the same tool you manage the rest of your business.


It provides assistance from the moment the documentation is generated until the acknowledgement is received by the addressees.


It offers the option to reduce the number of e-mails sent by grouping several documents per mailing.

Document delivery management

Generate PDF documents, archive them and prepare them for emailing.

Mail recipients

Simple and agile control of message recipients. You can define which recipients should receive each email.

Documentary Archieve

The solution is configurable to archive all documents generated in the file system according to the most appropriate structure for your business.

You will have all invoice documents in directories by customer, year and month, or any other relevant criteria.

Classification and archiving of documents is an organic and dynamic structure that simplifies the backup and maintenance of documents.

Developed options

Usage reporting

It brings flexibility to reporting. You can get from a general report to a specific report to observe and analyse the communication management of your company’s departments. All information is stored for you to work with at the level of granularity you need.

Mail pool

Plantillas personalizadas

Aspecto y funcionalidad adaptados a las necesidades de comunicación de su compañía.

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