AX advanced document management It consists of the ability to define default document types for documents attached to a record. The default value can be defined in the scope of each table.

The ability to define default types allows us to import groups of documents in a single action quickly or attach documents by dragging them within the document management window.

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Dynamic paths

Dynamic routes generate a copy of the original file in a folder configured in advance.

The dynamic path for an attached document can have as many subdirectories as desired and in the order in which it is necessary.

1. The file directory must be defined with some existing and accessible path for all AX users and the server itself.

2. The configuration and functionality of the dynamic routes is done with respect to the type of document used when an attachment is added.

3. The configured file directory will be the basis on which dynamic routes will be created as needed.


The functionality of the default document types and the functionality of the dynamic routes by document type do not need any action to use them once they are configured; it is enough to attach documents through the document management system of AX. To facilitate the task of attaching many documents to a record in a table or to attach a file by dragging and dropping it in the AX window, the following functions are available.

Import directory

Import all the files in a directory

Multiple selection

Select several files to attach at the same time

Drag and drop

Attach files faster and easier