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The objective

In this advanced course, the student will learn to use the Microsoft Dynamics to deepen in the management of the inventory of articles, from the simplest task such as the creation of a new article, to the configuration of rates, prices established between clients and suppliers or the management of all the possible movements that may exist in a warehouse.

Managed a

Technical and administrative personnel who wish to learn more advanced functions than those offered in the course TRADE AND LOGISTICS I.

The course is intended for sales and purchasing managers, vendors, buyers, and those responsible for setting up and managing inventory management, sales, and logistics functions.

modules formative

  1. Introduction
  2. Budgets
  3. Inventory
  4. Registration of purchase and sales orders
  5. Serial and lot numbers
  6. Over/Under Delivery and Miscellaneous Charges
  7. quarantine management
  8. Reports and statistics

Trade and logistics course II

For Dynamics 365 and AX

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