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The objectives of this course are to learn about the products that make up the MS Power BI solution, to learn how to perform the main tasks (such as data collection, transformations, modeling, and reporting) and to understand how the publishing and sharing features of reports and data work.

The course is given mainly through exercises, in order to learn how to work with the tool in a more practical and effective way.

Aimed at...

Business users and IT professionals. It will be necessary to deal with some technical aspects, such as those referring to databases or DAX programming, but it will be done in such a way that no previous knowledge of programming or systems is required.

List of training modules

  1. Introduction to Power BI
    1. Introduction and objectives of Business Intelligence
    2. Products that make up the Microsoft Power BI solution, and its basic architecture.
  2. Data collection
    1. Obtaining data from different types of sources, and creating the queries.
    2. Data transformation operations.
    3. Using the Query Editor
  3. Modeling
    1. Table modelling. Relationships between tables.
    2. Introduction to the DAX analysis language.
    3. Role management, row level security.
  4. Report creation
    1. Type of graphs.
    2. Format
  5. Power BI services publishing and sharing
    1. The Power BI cloud service. Configuration and Security.
    2. Areas of work. Configuration and data update.

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