Development Course II in Dynamics AX2012

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In this course we will simulate the implementation of a project where the objective is to customize Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 to meet customer requirements.

You will learn the standard application concepts and the most important processes of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012: invoice and journal entry, dimension management, billing processes and role matching.

We will also work with tools external to the programming environment itself, such as Visual Studio and SQL, to develop reports and web services, among others.

Aimed at...

People with advanced programming skills and basic knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

List of training modules

  1. X++
    1. Introduction to X++
    2. Development tools
      1. MorhpX
      2. IntelliSense
      3. Debugger
      4. Visual Studio
    3. Instructions
      1. Variables / Operators
      2. Conditionals / Loops
      3. Integrated functions
    4. Classes and objects
      1. Access Control
      2. Heritage
      3. Parameters
      4. Events
    5. Access to the database
      1. Data recovery
      2. Data manipulation
      3. Consultations (Queries)
      4. Time tables
    6. Interaction with the user
      1. Infolog
      2. Types of messages
      3. Inputting information
      4. Progress bars
      5. Sending of e-mails
    7. Exception handling
      1. Data Integration (ttsbegin/ttscommit)
      2. Types of exceptions
      3. Try/Catch
    8. Others
      1. Data collection classes
      2. Workflows
      3. Framework RunBase
      4. Numerical sequences
    1. Introduction to SSRS
    2. Configuration and implementation
    3. Query-based reports (Queries)
    4. Reports based on Report Data Provider (RDP)
    5. Data Sets
    6. Designs
    7. SSRS elements
    8. SSRS operations
    1. Integration with files
    2. Integration with Web Services
    3. Integration with external databases
  4. SQL
    1. Dynamics Database
    2. ‘Code’ database (ModelStore)
    3. Export and import of databases
    1. Object Identifiers
    2. Tags
    3. XPO Projects
    4. Export and import of models
    5. Export and import of the ModelStore warehouse
    6. Database synchronization
    7. CIL compilation

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