Custom Support

Our Service of Functional Support aims to support the correct and efficient use of the Microsoft Dynamics business application, as well as the resolution of the doubts of operation of the functionality of the system with respect to the installed base.

This assistance is provided through the structure of Service Desk and Functional Support to End Users, to resolve the operational concerns of the functionalities presented and to channel the incidents for resolution.

Scope of Service
Our support service includes the following assists:

  • Consultation: Queries can be made on software operation, parameter settings, and installation or reinstallation of Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Functional Incidences: It includes the analysis and solution of all errors produced in the system due to the parameters or processes defined during the implementation. If necessary, we provide the support required to carry out activities for faster correction of user’s operational errors.
  • Technical Incidences: This type of issue includes the solution and correction of problems caused by technical errors of the system, whose solution must be done through the development tools of Microsoft Dynamics.