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On Kairos

They help companies transform into agile organizations and build digital software products. They want to be relevant in the transformation that the world needs, more digital, more sustainable and inclusive. 

our challenge

KAIROS needed a web portal for the imputation of hours that would be integrated with its current ERP. The application had to be responsive to be able to connect from any device. This tool had to synchronize all data in real time and integrate with Microsoft NAVISION current ERP of the company worldwide. In addition to allowing the 500 users worldwide, to control the time consumed in the projects to which they dedicate their working day, together with the management of their calendars, vacations, occupation, among others.


Applications development

Mobility, Development or UX/UI


Our solution

The project required the creation from scratch of the allocation portal for the integration of different sections within its ERP and synchronization with the project and accounting modules. After several meetings and evaluating the client's needs, we saw that the best solution was to create a portal from scratch, we bet with the client on the development of a responsive, fast, easy and secure mobile application. 

With the imputation portal, the more than 500 KAIROS workers spread all over the world, can register both the hours they invest in the projects, as well as the vacation days, being totally integrated in real time, with the ERP to be able to manage and Control project costs.


Our solution

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