SAT Software Solution

Revolutionizing the management of your business is just a click away!

Revolutionizing the management of your business is just a click away!

An adapted and integrated solution

At Emiral we have developed our own software solution that integrates seamlessly with your ERP system and your business needs.

It allows your company’s technical staff to create, manage, sign and close work orders, as well as receive and plan material. It avoids printing on paper and subsequent transcription to the ERP. Technicians on the move can use the application at any time.

Our system is fully integrated with your ERP, so it collects all the data, such as the signatures of your customers on the devices, so you can manage everything in an automated way.

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Aumenta la productividad

The technicians will be able to work efficiently, following the needs and requirements of your business and accessing all the necessary information to manage all repairs and maintenance.

Aporta un servicio de calidad

It reduces service times, managing with greater speed, minimizing business process times and increasing work volume capacity.

Mejora la imagen de tu empresa

Give your clients an image of an innovative company and guarantee a higher quality service.


It has all the functionalities of our SAT development, ideal for companies providing technical assistance services, maintenance, repairs, security or other sectors.

Wherever your technicians are, keep them connected!


Optimizes workflows and reduces service times

Reduces charges to the administration department

Digitize and collect the signatures of your clients and operators

Minimizes costs, error possibilities and downtime

Keep your whole team in sync and in touch

Increase the agility of your business and increase sales

Grow your relationships with your customers

Integrates all the information you need in one tool

Dare to transform your company!

Manage your business in an innovative way
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