Email Management

AX Document Mailing is Emiral’s solution on Dynamics AX to optimize the management of sending documentation by email to your customers and suppliers.

The solution fits your business to simplify the generation, storage and sending of e-mail notifications of transactions with third parties. Everything from the same tool with which you manage the rest of your business.

The Emiral mail management system aids from the moment of generation of the documentation to the reception of the reading notification by the recipients.

AX Document Mailing offers the option of reducing the number of emails sent by grouping several documents per submission.

Document generation

A single mouse click is what the user needs to tell the system that the transaction with which she is working must generate a pdf document, file it and prepare it to be sent by email.

Automatic generation. The solution can be configured to work with transactions such as invoices, delivery notes or purchase orders. AX Document Mailing takes care of generating the documentation associated with the transaction.

Deferred generation. workflow of the user is of utmost importance for productivity. AX Document Mailing deffers in time the generation of documents, until the moment the user considers more appropriate.

AX document mailing

Document Archive


AX Document Mailing, , in addition to expediting the sending of documents by email, is configurable to archive all documents generated in the filesystem following the structure most suitable for your business.

You will have all invoice documents in directories by customer, year and month, or any other relevant criteria. Access from the filesystem to documents associated with an invoice will be as simple as in Dynamics AX.

The classification and archiving of documents in an organic and dynamic structure also simplifies backups and the maintenance of documents.

Mail Recipients

Get simple and responsive control of message recipients. With AX Document Mailing you can define which recipients should receive each mail.

Document type. Recipients can be indicated for each type of document. For example, the bills could Bcc to the general billing manager in your company.

Customer or provider. For each client or provider, recipients can be indicated for each type of message. For example, all client’s invoices can be carbon copied to its account manager.

Specific messages. From the mailing pool, the recipients of a ready for delivery message can be “fine-tuned” if needed.


Options for each case



Only one mail for each type and recipients



If you want more documents associated with the message


Join PDFs

If you prefer all documents merged in one

Custom templates

AX Document Mailing extends the Dynamics AX HTML e-mail template system. The look and functionality now adapts to your company’s communication needs.

Content. Just design the look you want. The system populates the subject and message body information.

Languages. Mail messages are sent in the language of the client or provider, or if not set, in the default language.

Submitters. Set up different senders for each document type. For example, invoices and purchase orders may share appearance and differ in the sender.


Usage reports


The Dynamics AX reporting module provides great flexibility in reporting. That capability is also available in the email management solution.

You can get from general usage report AX Document Mailing to a specific report to observe and analyse communication management of the departments in your company. All the information is stored to work with it at the level of granularity you need.