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electronic invoice obligation 2023

Who is obliged to issue electronic invoices in 2023?

The beginning of a year implies not only new purposes but also a thorough review of the changes that come, especially in relation to companies and everything that has to do with their administrative management. Obligations such as having a workplace harassment protocol, being up-to-date in terms of data protection are already becoming a reality and non-compliance will lead to significant financial fines.

Among all these changes, there is one that we see closer and closer and that is billing by electronic means. There are still many self-employed and small and medium-sized companies that continue to invoice manually, but you have to be realistic and think that the time is coming to make the leap to digital. In this sense, the Law Create and Grow  Approved by the Congress of Deputies, it introduces new features regarding the electronic invoice, which in the first instance will affect the commercial relationship between businessmen and professionals (self-employed).

How should the electronic invoice be?

The electronic invoice is mandatory in commercial relations between businessmen and professionals. These are the requirements:

  • Entrepreneurs and professionals are obliged to issue, receive and issue electronic invoices in commercial relations with other entrepreneurs or professionals.
  • In the period of four years from the issuance of the invoices, the recipient may request a copy of the same, without additional cost. In addition, you must have access to all your electronic invoices even if the relationship has already ended.
  • The issuer of the invoice is free to choose the provider that will generate the program for the issuance and management of electronic invoices.
  • The technological solution implemented for electronic invoices must guarantee interoperability, that is, the exchange of information with the different institutions. It must be taken into account that one of the objectives of this measure is to streamline procedures, so it is important to have a solution that allows this interconnection.

Companies that offer services to the public

Not all of the companies that offer services and products to the general public are required to issue electronic invoices, although it is a measure that will be implemented sooner or later. What companies are required? The answer is as follows: those companies that provide services of special economic significance. In other words, they are those companies that have more than one hundred employees in their workforce or their annual volume of operations, calculated in accordance with the provisions of the Value Added Tax regulations, exceeds 6,010,121.04 euros. And that in both cases they operate in one of the sectors specified in the BOE.

B2B router. Electronic invoice solution

When looking for an ERP in the market you can find many alternatives. One of the effective solutions we recommend is B2Brouter, a cloud solution that automates the sending and receiving of invoices. At Emiral we implement it quickly and easily in those companies that work with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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