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Power BI análisis de datos potente

What is Power BI and why is it the most powerful data analysis solution?

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Company data is a source of wealth for the organization as long as it can be managed and transformed from simple figures into valuable information. It is becoming increasingly important (regardless of the size of the company) to centralize the results obtained in the daily activity, so that all departments involved have direct access, especially to avoid losing information between intermediaries.

Similarly, if we do not have all the data visible at a glance, in a visual and understandable dashboard, we may be losing a very valuable source for both detecting errors and identifying opportunities.

Why data is important

In many cases, companies receive answers to questions they had not even thought about. Herein lies the importance of data: to identify business opportunities in advance and detect those inadequacies that are harming its good progress.

With solutions such as Microsoft Power BI, data from different sources is processed, transformed into valuable information and made available to the entire company through interactive, easy-to-understand graphics.

Companies that need to visualize data

Although the visualization of data in real time is a source of wealth for all organizations, there are sectors in which it acquires great relevance:

  • Retail sector. Knowing the interests of customers and offering them products and services that respond to those interests is the key for retail companies to be competitive. The data provide valuable information such as their tastes, shopping habits, whether they prefer shopping in physical or online stores, consumer profiles, response to loyalty programs, their opinions, etc.
  • Tourism sector. Hotels, restaurants, casinos, etc. live off customers and a good image is vital for their permanence. With the data you can know the trends in tourism, customer profiles, their opinions, habits in the hotel (only lodging, half board, full board), months of higher traffic of guests, etc.
  • Health sector. The organization of data is transforming the healthcare sector: hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, private clinics, health insurance, etc. With data, companies can anticipate health needs, predict disease trends by age range or seasonality, for example.
  • Advertising and marketing. The knowledge gained from data analysis has opened up a new horizon in advertising and marketing. A huge amount of data on consumer trends is currently being used. This data provides valuable information for advertising and marketing actions to obtain good results.
  • Manufacturing companies. The survival of these companies depends on detecting any deviations in the manufacturing process in time. This is achieved by analyzing the data and involving all areas involved in the process.

Business Intelligence, data clarity

Microsoft Business Intelligence is the solution for those companies that are aware of the importance of data to be competitive, anticipate problems and new consumer needs.

What is Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence or business intelligence are those tools that extract data from different environments of the company, analyze it and transform it into knowledge. Finally, this knowledge is presented in the form of visual and interactive graphics, which are updated automatically and periodically.

This information provides insight into the business and helps to make the best decisions based on the data obtained.

Benefits of Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a powerful analysis tool that can also be used from mobile devices. It comes to provide companies with greater productivity, competitiveness and innovation.

It is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, which is why it is the solution that more and more companies are opting for, including those that until now had not been in contact with data, beyond annotations in computer programs.

Having data centralized and accessible from any platform and on any medium improves collaboration between work teams. The opacity at the time of work, where each department manages its figures independently, is not beneficial to the company.

With Business Intelligence, reports are shared and can be accessed via cell phones. In short, it allows the creation of visual reports with valuable information without the need to be an expert in data analysis.

Another benefit is time and cost savings. It allows you to make the best decisions and react in time when viewing the data, avoiding unnecessary costs arising from a bad decision.

What is Microsoft Power BI

At Emiral we use very powerful business analytics tools in the cloud such as Microsoft Power BI to control the data of companies with the business intelligence they need. This way, reliable decisions are made using real-time analysis and effective results are obtained.

Microsoft Power BI offers many possibilities, allowing cross-referencing data from different sources and producing highly visual and interactive dashboards, reports and graphs that are easy to understand. All data are connected in the cloud or in a local environment. You can train yourself in Business Intelligence with our Power BI course.

As an example, Microsoft Power BI allows data from finance, accounting, customers, Google Analytics, marketing, etc. to be collected on the same platform. And it also allows integrating this solution with the ERP that the company has (Dynamics Business Central, among others).

Power BI is made up of three components:

  1. Power BI mobile. A mobile application to generate visual reports from data. They can be viewed on Android, iOS and Windows. The data is updated in real time.
  2. Power BI Desktop. Desktop application for collecting data and generating reports.
  3. Power BI Service. It is an online service (SaaS) that works like the two previous cases, to collect data and generate interactive graphs and reports, to share with the entire organization and that are updated in real time.

Another advantage is that the team will always have up-to-date data at their disposal. And in the dashboards they can highlight the data they consider to be a priority, so that it is always within their reach. In addition, this solution guarantees data protection, to comply with regulations and to prevent data loss.

Finally, Microsoft Power BI uses artificial intelligence in data analysis, which is extremely important to obtain patterns and make predictions about the business.

Do you want to implement Microsoft Power BI in your company?
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