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Warehouse Management System (WMS). Solución gestión almacén

Warehouse Management System (WMS), the solution to warehouse management

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Warehouses are the main core of goods distribution companies and the future of the business depends on their proper management. In the digital and e-commerce era we find large giants such as Amazon that require large warehouses where they can receive and ship products to the end customer. To ensure agility in shipping and to avoid anything going wrong in the process it is essential to optimize warehouse management using a barcode reader. A WMS software solution that we detail in the following article.

Most common problems in warehouse logistics

Properly managing a warehouse is not an easy task, it requires a large surface area and, above all, perfect organization because the time wasted looking for merchandise is time lost for the business. The most common problems related to the warehouse are:


As we have mentioned before, the disorder can lead to lose a lot of money to the business, because in today’s environment, the immediacy of delivery has become a requirement by the customer. If the product is delayed or even not delivered because it has not been located in the warehouse, it is a serious mistake.

Having a warehouse management system guarantees the control of all merchandise, with an exhaustive follow-up of incoming and outgoing orders.

Lack of warehouse space

This is one of the main problems for companies: lack of space. The business grows but the space is always the same. The solution that many companies opt for, prior to changing location, is to store through high shelves. It is an optimal solution but it makes it harder to locate the items.

Traceability problems

We are at a time when the customer wants to know the raw material from which the product is manufactured and all the processes it goes through until it reaches his hands. Traceability is a concept that acquires great value in companies because it entails the registration of the entire supply chain. An error in traceability is a major problem for the company.

Reverse logistics costs

The cost of reverse logistics is the cost the company has from returning goods due to picking errors.

Correct picking management is essential to avoid picking the wrong products in an order.

Lack of information between departments

The operators working in the warehouse need to have access to information from different departments and in real time to speed up the packing of products and their shipment to the final destination.

In addition to this lack of information, another problem we cannot forget is the lack of inventory updating. An out-of-date inventory can lead to stock-outs, and if a product is undeliverable, it gives customers a free hand to switch to a competitor.

What is Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System (WMS). This solution, which Emiral implements in companies, has three main functions: the registration of incoming and outgoing goods, stock control to avoid stock outs and to know the location of all products. In short, automate the warehouse to have control of all the movements of the logistics cycle.

Advantages of the warehouse management system

Among the main advantages that can be highlighted are the ease and speed of access to all the data, in real time, of the warehouse. In addition, duplication of data, which can lead to errors, is avoided.

Another advantage lies in the reduction of the number of operations and, consequently, the reduction of time in the supply chain. The shorter the time, the higher the productivity. And finally, by having the products well located (avoiding losses, either due to expiration or because they are not located), costs are reduced.

Warehouse management solution through a bar code reader

To provide a solution to warehouse management with guaranteed success Emiral implements a WMS software to identify all goods entering and leaving the warehouse through the use of a barcode reader, integrated in touch devices. See how QR tags are generated with Sage X3.

This reader collects valuable information such as order receipt, merchandise location, picking, inventory count and all other movements that make up the logistics cycle.

Automate your warehouse with the Emiral App

In this video we tell you how the mobile application developed by Emiral works. You only need to have touch devices to read the barcode or QR code. The information is centralized and updated in real time.

Do you nedd to automate your warehouse?
We can help you!

In Emiral we know how much your company is worth, whether it is small, medium or large. That’s why we want to offer you the best ERP management solutions to keep your business growing.





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