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The media echoes our anniversary

The media has echoed the Emiral's 10th anniversary. They highlight our professionalism and the closeness we show to our clients.

Emiral began its journey in 2013 and since then there have been several important milestones: in 2020 with the beginning of our relationship with Sage as a partner of its SageX3 solution.  

“We also cannot forget the milestones achieved in 2022, the year in which we opened a new office in Valencia and received the Certificate for Excellent Management (CEIGE) for the second consecutive year. This same year we started a new line of business focused on the development of web applications”

Currently, the team that makes up Emiral is made up of around 25 people, including direct employees and permanent collaborators. “We have the firm idea of continuing to expand the team with new talent in the coming years.”

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