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Automatización en las empresas de servicio técnico SAT

The future of technical service companies lies in automation

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There are few companies that do not need to have a technical service to be able to deal with incidents that arise with customers. From household appliances, through air conditioning, energy installations, computer equipment. All of these require a team in charge of providing support. The daily tasks carried out by these teams are not easy, especially if they are done manually. To optimize their work, avoid wasting time on repetitive tasks, and above all, to avoid any errors that could harm customers (and therefore the company’s reputation), process automation is the solution for these companies.

Poor technical service has an impact on the company’s image

The after-sales service is becoming increasingly important within companies, especially in those sectors where permanent contact with customers is required, such as maintenance services for computer systems, elevators, air conditioning, among others. Depending on how the technical repair service has been performed, the customer will decide whether to maintain their relationship with the company or, on the contrary, the disappointment leads them to look for an alternative. This function on the part of the technical service is so important that it can jeopardize the image and reputation of the company, no matter how good the quality of its products may be. In addition to the service offered by the staff, it is important for the customer to visualize the professionalism of the company through a quality service, such as sending documentation virtually, the ease of contacting the company, having updated information on the entire repair process, etc.

Benefits of automation in technical service companies

Companies that have taken the step to automate the technical service area begin to perceive the benefits soon after. Some of them are:

  • Coordination of the technical team from the same application.
  • Real-time monitoring of notifications.
  • Geolocation of the technicians, which allows to react quickly if a professional has a mishap that prevents him/her from going to the client’s site on time.
  • Management of contracts and invoices. On the one hand, this avoids unnecessary paper expenses and on the other hand, it speeds up the management, since the client signs digitally and it is saved directly to the company’s files, avoiding the frequent loss of documentation.
  • Control of materials. A control of the materials is kept so that there is never a stock breakage in case of a bad forecast.
  • Registration of work reports.
  • Control of customers’ maintenance contracts (dates of registration, cancellations, etc.) so that customers receive the technician’s visit when it is due, without the need for them to be aware of it.
  • Planning of technician’s attendance.


SAT software to automate the technical service

For those companies that want to be more competitive, improve productivity, reduce unnecessary work time and reinforce their corporate image, Emiral has developed a specific software for SAT. This software allows companies to automate processes, such as work order management; planning, management and reception of material used in the technical service; direct access to all real-time information related to maintenance and customer repairs. In addition, this software is integrated with the company’s ERP, so there is no need for a large investment of time and effort for its implementation. This solution designed by Emiral, in responsive format so that it is visible both on mobile and tablet and computer, allows technicians to access all the information from any device and anywhere. This way they can record their work in a quick and easy way. It is the solution for service and maintenance companies looking to accelerate their growth by automating processes. The results can be seen in a short period of time.


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