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EMB Food

The Asian product chain EMB Food consolidates its digital transformation with Emiral

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The company EMB Food, specialized in importing food products of Asian origin, has trusted our technology consultancy to complete its digital transformation process, through the Sage X3 solution, from the British multinational Sage.

The automation of business management processes has become a priority for EMB Food, due to the rapid growth of its activity and its expansion at national and European level. «We need a business management solution that is efficient, scalable, intuitive and that allows us to integrate all the data generated in the different departments of the company. We have found this solution in Sage and in its Sage X3 solution, with which we began to work at the beginning of the year; and in Emiral, which is the consulting firm we have trusted to give continuity to this technological project», details EMB Food’s Project Management, Loren Bravo.

Con la firma de este acuerdo, EMB Food deja en manos de la consultora tecnológica Emiral el mantenimiento, el soporte técnico y la implementación de nuevas funcionalidades de la solución Sage X3 que la compañía precise, para simplificar las gestiones de cada uno de sus departamentos: compras, ventas, logística-almacén y finanzas. «Nos incorporamos a este proyecto en su fase de consolidación, involucrándonos en el mantenimiento, el servicio técnico diario y la formación continua que impartimos a su equipo de profesionales», puntualiza el director de Operaciones, Emiliano Caballero.

With the signing of this agreement, EMB Food leaves the maintenance, technical support and implementation of new functionalities of the Sage X3 solution in the hands of the technology consultant Emiral, to simplify the management of each of its departments: purchasing, sales, logistics-warehouse and finance. «We joined this project in its consolidation phase, getting involved in maintenance, daily technical service and continuous training that we provide to its team of professionals», says the Operations Director, Emiliano Caballero.

For Emiliano Caballero, «Sage X3 is the optimal solution for EMB Food’s needs, since it allows the integration of all the company’s data on a single computer. In this way, all the departments will have access to this information in real time and from any device». This integration makes it possible to organize, centralize, and maintain data protection and transform it into valuable information, which helps the company make the right strategic decisions and increase its competitive advantage in the sector.

Another advantage of Sage X3 is its adaptation to current legislation in each country, essential for companies like EMB Food, which operate internationally.





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