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9 Reasons to use Sage X3

The ERP Sage X3 is the global ERP solution for SMEs and subsidiaries of multinational groups. Sage X3 has been the complete ERP solution, aimed at meeting the specific requirements and challenges of midsize businesses, for over 10 years.

Here are some reasons to use sage x3:

1. The financial director has a global vision of the management of the company

The CFO's job is to ensure the flow and accuracy of financial information.
You work in a high pressure environment. The finance function serves as an interface to all divisions of the company. With Sage ERP X3 you can connect all the departments of the company (CRM, sales, finance) and thus provide the basis for comprehensive relevant financial reporting. Sage ERP X3 also offers all financial functions, from the most basic to advanced functionalities such as analytical accounting.

Sage ERP X3 helps manage business performance

2. Sage X3 gets data for analysis and audits

Having reliable data allows you to have a system you can trust. Sage ERP X3 also allows for optimal performance analysis of particular divisions of the company or of the company itself, including its international operations. In addition to key figures, Sage ERP X3 includes business intelligence functionality as well as standard key performance indicators with customizable criteria. So, with Sage ERP X3 you can make and implement decisions with optimal preparation and evaluation.

sage x3 data collection

3. International operations are one of the main challenges that CFOs have

Sage ERP X3 allows you to unify all national and international locations in a single system. You can create reports and analyzes with just one tool and display highly complex business in a way that everyone understands. Sage ERP X3 allows you to get an overview of your business both globally and locally.

4. With Sage X3, control and manage risks

One of the key tasks is to control the processes that occur in the company. Sage ERP X3 offers you the necessary tool to control and manage your company's risks. Alarms and warnings will keep you up to date on everything that is happening and offer you an automated control tool that will save you time.

sage x3 risk control

5. The time factor, key to performance

For analysis, forecasting and planning, time is of the essence. With Sage ERP X3 you can make current evaluations as well as calculate past and future periods and make forecasts. Decision makers expect reliable data faster. Sage ERP X3 can generate indicators according to the needs of each user while on the other hand it also fulfills the requirements of the group.

6. Flexibility is the key to staying ready for new challenges

The modular structure of Sage ERP X3 not only allows savings thanks to the low price required to implement the solution, but also It offers the freedom to react quickly and be able to grow in users or modularity in environments as dynamic as the one we are currently experiencing. With this solution you can adapt and optimize your financial system and integrate specialized departments into the process.

sage x3 flexibility

7. Many countries, different jurisdictions, a single business solution

Sage ERP X3 is available in 60 countries and supports different jurisdictions, including the legal requirements of each country (tax, accounting) thus complying with local legal requirements. Sage ERP X3 is also equipped with multiple languages for international use. A multilingual solution increases acceptance among users and also increases productivity.

8. Sage X3 is profitable

Sage ERP X3 has a modular design and is highly scalable. This means that you can buy and use only the relevant modules. and that you can optionally expand the users if necessary. For fast and cost-effective implementation, Sage offers you settings, an international standardized implementation method and years of experience in implementing ERP and financial solutions.

sage x3 profitability

9. The user is a priority

Sage ERP X3 is an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn solution. Sage ERP X3 is role-based and offers visual processes, a user portal, specialized dashboards, and per-user KPIs that make it easy for the user to feel comfortable with the solution from the first minute.

Sage X3 ERP is Sage Group's global ERP solution for medium-sized companies and subsidiaries of large groups with international needs.
For over 10 years, Sage X3 has been a complete ERP solution aimed at meeting the specific requirements and challenges of mid-market companies in industries ranging from manufacturing and services to distribution and beyond. Sage X3 has a presence in more than 60 countries around the world, with a network of 260 distributors and more than 2,000 advisors. More than 4,000 customers have chosen Sage X3 ERP because it's easy to use, quick to implement, and cost-effective.

Sage X3 erp

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