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Sage X3 and Salesforce

Sage X3 and Salesforce: how their integration reduces the sales cycle and improves results

If separately they are two business software of high value for companies, the integration of both undoubtedly maximizes the benefits of both. sage x3 It provides small and medium-sized companies with the resources they need to optimize their activity to the maximum, since it integrates functionalities as important as accounting, sales, production, logistics and inventory, all the information is centralized and updated in real time. For its part, Salesforce achieved popularity due to its CRM (customer relationship management).

With this connection, companies have added value since they can automatically manage opportunities, leads and budgets.

Benefits of Sage X3 and Salesforce integration

Companies that are opting for this integration find various advantages, some of the most prominent are:

  • Commercial. It is in the commercial department where the most performance can be obtained from this integration. The data that is collected in Salesforce is connected in real time with the ERP, in this way the salesperson has access to the information of each client, which allows him to define personalized sales strategies. They can also know the queries and communications with the client, to expedite the responses.
  • More time for workers, so that they can use the working day for higher-value tasks that do not require automation.
  • Substantial improvement in the approval of budgets and the sending of proposals.
  • Avoid mistakes when managing opportunities. In addition, the integration between both platforms avoids duplication.
  • Improvement in customer experience. Being able to have personalized information on each client makes it easier to decide which products or services will interest you the most, as well as creating the right environment for the commercial moment to become a sale.

Salesforce Connector Features

The Salesforce connector for Sage X3 is done via API, which makes integration agile, as well as easy to use by companies. Among the functionalities, the most general are:

  • With the information obtained from Salesforce leads are created in Sage X3.
  • Synchronization of customer data, to work on both platforms as if it were one, avoiding duplication, as we have previously indicated.
  • Sales opportunities are converted into delivery notes and budgets for shipment through the ERP.
  • Invoices and monitoring of collections and payments managed by the ERP Sage X3 is synchronized with Salesforce.

How the Salesforce and Sage X3 integration is done

The integration between both solutions is done through an API. This allows the integration to be faster and easier, which is what is sought with this type of business software: the reduction of time, costs and the possibility of scaling as the company grows.

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