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Rupama and Emiral with Sage X3

Grupo Rupama automates the management of fixed assets with the implementation of Sage X3

Grupo Rupama is a company with more than 40 years of experience and various lines of business: financial, real estate, hospitality, insurance and publishing sectors. The complexity of financial management has been the reason that has led the business group to opt for the Sage X3 Solution, that Emiral is going to implement.

Control of fixed assets

One of the main advantages that Sage X3 has for the Rupama Group is the real-time monitoring of fixed assets, that is, those tangible and intangible assets that are part of your assets. Specifically, some of the functions included in this solution are:

  • Financial panels and reports to know at all times the state in which the company is and to be able to detect any financial lack of control in time.
  • Life cycle of fixed assets, with traceability of capital expenditure.
  • Provisional statements and closures.
  • Different amortization models.

Real-time financial management

In addition to the control of fixed assets, the company wants to have financial reports in real time to be able to make the best decisions. To do this, through the dashboards they will be able to keep an exhaustive control of the business and the notifications will guarantee the updating of the movements.

Reasons to have an ERP for asset management

The automation of processes, especially those related to financial and administrative management, is a boost for companies that are in the process of growth, because not only do they allow them to have all the financial and accounting information in real time, but it can also be accessed from any place and device; and through the dashboards, the understanding of the metrics and results is greatly facilitated. 

These are some of the reasons that lead companies to automate the management of their fixed assets and integrate it into accounting:

  • Have located and know the state in which the properties and equipment are found, such as real estate, machinery, materials, etc.
  • Have updated files with the data of the properties to know in real time the state in which they are: leased, duration of the contract, possibility of purchase, etc.
  • Ease of managing inventories of fixed assets.
  •  It integrates with the company's accounting, thus saving time and ensuring that everything is correct.

It should be noted that Sage X3 is a scalable ERP, so the company will find no barriers to growth. 

Image: Gruporupama.es website

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