Power BI, what it is and why to use it

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Power BI (Business Intelligence) is the new tool in Microsoft’s productivity suite, Office 365.
With this tool, you will be able to analyze and interact with a lot of data at once within applications such as Excel, using natural language and question-answer requests to access the information.
In addition, with Power BI you will be able to search, transform and access data inside and outside the organization, from any place and device. You will also have the ability to analyze and create interactive visualizations.
The tool allows you to easily obtain information about all your data from Excel to analyze and visualize it easily.

Microsoft offers a solution that enhances Excel:

  • Power Query allows users to easily search and access public information and data in your organization.
  • Power Map, a 3D visualization tool, can be used to analyze geographic and temporal data, superimposed on maps. In addition, scenes can be captured for presentations.
  • Power Pivot, to create and adapt flexible data models in Excel.
  • Power View, to create interactive tables, graphs and other visual representations of data.

Collaboration, search and mobility capabilities

Power BI complements SharePoint and gives us the ability to collaborate and access information securely and in an environment of trust, providing:

  • Power BI sites, collaborative and dedicated BI workspaces for sharing data and information with other workers in the company. Power BI sites keep information up to date with connectivity to my organization’s various data sources.
  • Natural language query capabilities, which allows users to ask and answer questions. Just ask the question in a dialog box, the system interprets it and automatically generates interactive tables and graphs based on available information.
  • Mobile BI Experience, touch applications ideal for smart Windows or IOS-based devices, so you can stay connected to your reports and data from anywhere, as well as support for HTML5 in the browser of any device.

Why Power BI is fun

These points are not a list of better or worse, as some depend on others:

  • Power BI is an excellent tool from Microsoft. Proof of this is the more than 200 countries using it, making a total of more than 200,000 organizations.
  • Being designed and developed for the end user, one might think that it would lose functionalities in demanding environments, however, thanks to the use of M or DAX, it allows a minimum training to enable the user not to depend on the IT department to manage and/or prepare reports. As we said before, it expands the functions of Excel, making it the first multidimensional database viewer.
  • Power BI has a huge capacity to connect to large data sources since it has a large number of connectors and increasing month by month to access the main services.
  • In addition to the advantages that Power BI offers, we also have that its desktop platform does not cost anything, which will be sufficient for most users and organizations, making it ideal for SMEs
  • One of the factors that make this software so good is their commitment to updates, as they update and improve their solution every month with new connectors, graphics, features…
  • The ability to share and work as a team in both creating and reporting at any level.
  • Power BI is versatile and easy to use, simple to share and collaborate with. With it, the possibilities for expansion are almost unlimited

Your advantages

  • Cost savings and service improvements in reporting and sharing with customers
  • Reports for our staff with clear and comparative charts.
  • Reports for partners, investors, management companies, etc.
  • In real time.
  • Possibilities only limited to the imagination of the user.

In short, this tool can be summarized as a short learning cycle, with great potential and low cost.
If you are considering a BI solution, Microsoft’s is a tool to keep in mind and you should consider it.

José Elías Enrique

Desarrollador web en EMIRAL

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