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Milestone billing in Sage X3

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zMilestone billing is a type of billing that does not depend on the delivery of a material or the performance of a service to a customer, but allows scheduling the issuance of invoices according to certain conditions of dates and percentages to be billed of the total amount of the sale. In other words, a series of moments (called milestones) are agreed with the customer in which invoices for a specific amount will be issued.

Sage X3 allows you to parameterize the system to work with this increasingly used type of invoicing.

What needs to be parameterized?

Billing conditions, parameterization of the third party’s tables

As many invoicing conditions will be created as the number of cases covered by the company. Two types of invoicing are differentiated: percentage or frequency.

scheduled invoice type

Percentage: allows you to indicate the percentage and dates according to months, weeks or days.


Frequency: to indicate the number of due dates by periodicity and the day of issue of the invoice.

billing conditions 2

There is an option to make simulations of the maturities to be created, as shown in the following image

billing conditions 4

Item category: the category type must be service or generic and the type flow, sold and non-deliverable

billing conditions 5

  • Note: the stock unit must allow decimal places..

This definition enables the field where to associate the invoicing conditions to be applied for the automatic calculation of invoice amounts and dates. It is an optional field that will be used by default in the sales order lines. Purchase/Sale tab

article category Sage X3

This value is transferred to the items belonging to the category. It could also be completed or modified in the item’s data sheet.

sales-order-Sage X3

How to invoice the customer?

Sales Order

  • In the sales order line, when the item is selected, the billing condition field is filled in. It could be modified by hand or deleted.

sales-order-Sage X3-image2

Invoicing is performed from the line actions:

scheduled billing

It presents the corresponding calculations in dates and amounts according to the conditions applied..

  • In case of working with projects the milestone value corresponds to the tasks and projects.

Sales Invoice

  • Sales Invoice: selected in the specific block for this type of invoice:

sales invoice

  • Invoice date corresponding to that scheduled by the condition calculations.

Mass creation of milestone or scheduled billing

  • Mass creation of milestone or scheduled invoicing: a specific function allows you to create scheduled invoicing in bulk for all invoices that meet the selection criteria.generation scheduled invoice
  • Invoice date and invoice type will be the same on all invoices created with this function.

generation scheduled invoice
Therefore, milestone billing in Sage X3 is one more option to offer within sales flow features.

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