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Kairós DS makes the leap to treasury automation with Microsoft Business Central

With a presence in seven countries and a high volume of data and financial documentation, the technological and agile transformation multinational, Kairós DS, has relied on the Emiral technology consultancy for the implementation of the treasury management solution developed by the company Kyriba.

The Emiral team responsible for this project has streamlined the integration of this treasury application in the ERP used by the company, Microsoft Business Central. Once this first phase is completed, Emiral will carry out technical follow-up to ensure that the integration works optimally.

The benefits for Kairós DS have been immediate, as Natalia Castro, CFO of the Kairós DS Group comments, "The integration of this treasury solution is essential for us, a company that currently has more than a hundred clients and we are present in seven countries. Our treasury volume requires its automation, because it allows us to have access to financial data in real time, we can make accurate forecasts and make the best financial decisions. This implementation helps us to have greater control of solvency and liquidity and optimizes the management process and the planning of the Kairós Group's Treasury, obtaining greater economic control».

Adrián Reguero, responsible for carrying out the implementation, explains in detail the benefits of the software: "We are achieving greater visibility of the group's liquidity, as well as greater control and optimization of cash flows, minimizing financial risks and guaranteeing payment and collection processes. The automation of the processes means that the finance team, which is in charge of treasury operations, optimizes response times and has greater control of all the daily movements that take place in the different countries. In the same way, the control of investments and the different currencies with which we work is especially relevant today, as we are an internationally positioned group”. 

In the words of Emiral's Director of Operations, Emiliano Caballero, "one of our purposes for this year is to expand our network of technology partners and, in this sense, we trust Kyriba for its experience and high specialization in the banking sector, one of the more complex to manage by IT departments, due to the specifications required by each banking entity. With them, banking connectivity is simplified, while risks are minimized as much as possible.” Regarding Kairós DS, for Caballero "it is a challenge and at the same time a great opportunity to carry out this integration for a company that has more than a hundred clients, is present in seven countries and is a benchmark in business agility solutions".

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