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ERP integration with transport and logistics companies

In those companies where merchandise is manufactured or distributed, the distribution center is the nerve center of the activity, and the organization is the maximum premise for achieving business profitability. The teams in charge of product storage, handling and those responsible for coordinating incoming and outgoing flows coexist in the distribution center. A tedious task, with little room for error, which requires investment in technology to automate processes and improve efficiency.

The key for these companies lies in optimize logistics activities to the maximum, performing tasks at the lowest cost and with the greatest efficiency. This is achieved by integration of the ERP with the main logistics platforms.

The importance of keeping the customer informed

The delivery of the merchandise is one of the crucial moments in sales. No matter how good the quality of the product and the service offered, if the transport company makes an error, such as the delay in delivery according to the agreed day or the reception of the order in conditions that are not adequate, the bad The customer's perception does not fall on the carrier but on the company in which the purchase was made.

The reason for a customer's dissatisfaction is not so much the delay itself, but not having received a message in time to report the delay. On many occasions, when the customer feels cared for and perceives that it is important to the company, incidents are perceived in a different way. For this reason, more and more companies choose to send SMS to report the location of the package at all times.

The solution designed by Emiral reduces this problem since the company maintains control of the shipments, by being able to consult the updated information of the carrier that makes the delivery. In addition, speed is gained in terms of the preparation of shipments, which are already labeled prior to the arrival of the company that transports them, thus eliminating a step that delays the shipment.

Benefits of the direct connection of the ERP with the transport companies

Companies that already have this integrated solution in their administrative management obtain the following benefits from day one:

  • Reduces the administrative load in the warehouse. Avoid data duplication by printing shipping labels from the delivery note with the format of each operator from the tool itself.
  • Reduce time and errors in the merchandise dispatch processes, it prepares orders quickly and efficiently. Simplify high-volume shipments.
  • Optimize workflows, integrates shipment information with a single click to improve management and save costs.
  • Increase productivity. It speeds up all the processes to the maximum to offer a quality service.
  • Control merchandise shipments. It allows to consult the information of carriers, expeditions and dates.

A solution for companies that have implemented an ERP

Emiral has developed a solution to streamline the distribution process, by linking the administrative management of the company with the transport company, so that shipments leave the distribution center directly to the end customer, with the labeling already created in the format of the transport company.

This solution of ERP logistics management Quickly generate shipment labeling directly from carrier labeling

In order to implement this solution, the company must previously have a business management solution (ERP): Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Sage X3.

You know What is an ERP? What does it mean and what is it for?

How the integration of the ERP with the transport company works

Once this logistics management tool has been implemented in the company's ERP, its operation is simple:

integration of the logistics operator with an erp

Major transport companies

The solution that Emiral has developed adapts perfectly to the APIs of the main logistics operators: SEUR, MRW, DHL, FedEx, TIPSA, TNT, UPS, NACEX...

logistics operators

For companies that depend on transport companies for the distribution of their products, this is the ideal solution to streamline the process. Do not stay with doubts, our professionals will tell you which is the best option for the integration of the ERP in your business.

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