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integrate casdro with erp

Integrate CashDro with SageX3: the solution for companies in the service sector

It is becoming more and more common, especially in large stores, to pass items through automatic checkouts. Its ease of use makes it possible for any consumer to use it, without the need to request help. For companies, it is an effective way to manage and control cash. The key to achieving agility and efficiency is choosing the right software to ensure successful integration. And at Emiral we are ready to integrate with the ERP SageX3.

What is Cashdro?

CashDro is an automatic payment machine to manage cash at points of sale. In this way, when a customer checks out, the machine receives the money, validates it and delivers the change.

This type of machine is especially useful for the financial sector, the service sector and, in general, in all those companies that handle cash on a daily basis.

Advantages of automatic payment

The automatic collection supposes different advantages for the companies. Some of them are listed below:

  • Security. This is one of the great advantages of these solutions. These automatic tills cannot be tampered with, so theft and loss of money is minimized to the maximum.
  • Avoid human error. Another advantage, linked to the previous one, is that since the employees do not have access to the money that goes in and out of the box, the risk of committing human errors is non-existent.
  • Speed. The payment process at the register is fast, and that is a benefit in terms of customer satisfaction.
  • Effectiveness. There is always money in cash, so the problem that frequently occurs, of not having change for the client, is avoided; which forces dependents to insistently request fair payment for the purchase.
  • Reduce time and costs. This cash automation allows time and, consequently, costs to be reduced, as there is no need for human resources to manage it.

Management software, the key to the smart box

Another of the great benefits of this automatic cash system is its integration with the company's ERP. In this way, all the information is centralized and updated at the moment, to have real-time knowledge of cash movements.

This automation of repetitive tasks, such as cash inflows and outflows, allows the company to have a global vision of the business to make strategic decisions aimed at success.

CashDro integration with Sage X3

enterprise resource management software, sage x3 It is the one we recommend for this integration, because it is modular, adapts to the needs of the company and grows as the company does.

The Emiral team already has this integration with SageX3 for those companies that want to implement it. 

Image source: cashdro official website 

Do you need to integrate your CashDro with an adapted ERP?
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* Image obtained from https://www.cashdro.co/

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