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Increased business interest in business applications

The interest in business management solutions through an app is growing. The reason is clear: the ease and speed to control the business organization from anywhere and at any time.

Currently there are applications for everything: entertainment, news, health, well-being, etc. Companies have also fallen into this trend, with corporate applications, which allow them to have centralized data and in real time, in this way they can maintain control of the organization.

Difference between a social app and a business app

The main difference between both applications has to do with the final objective. While popular applications that can be downloaded from a store are intended to build customer loyalty or attract new ones, and therefore, increase sales; The purpose of this type of application is to provide a solution to the needs of each company, whether at an organizational level, personnel level, or both.

Benefits of a business application

The business applications bring various benefits to companies. We highlight some of them:

  • Quick access to information. Decision making on time. Being able to receive business information in real time allows you to make the best decisions on time.
  • Work optimization. These easy-to-use, automation-based solutions allow you to work faster. Employees will not lose time because they will not have to perform tasks manually.
  • Supply chain management. Through the app, the entire supply chain is controlled. Companies and suppliers can exchange information. These apps are especially useful for companies specialized in sales and logistics.
  • Staff management. Transfer, payroll management, leave, employee requests, etc. All this is solved through an app that is managed by company personnel. In addition, employees will be able to access from anywhere.

Application Development Examples

These types of applications can be as different as the needs of the company. Here we summarize some examples:

ABC Distributors

This company needed a communication and organization tool with its network of distributors. The solution allows the distributor, through user authentication and password, directly view their orders and their stock position. Since on many occasions these distributors do not have technological support, with this solution that problem is solved.


This client specialized in scaffolding rental needed to modernize their previous app and introduce updates. For this client, a WebApi was created that interrogates the Winform application data to be able to interact in different modules from the WebApp that has been created with Angular technology.


needed a web portal for the imputation of hours that would integrate with their current ERP. The application had to be responsive to be able to connect from any device, in addition to allowing the 500 users worldwide to have control of the time consumed in the projects to which they dedicate their working day, together with the management of their calendars, vacations, occupation, among others.

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