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IAMCP Spain – Microsoft Partner Association and Emiral: Promoting Digital Transformation in Spain

Digital transformation has become an imperative for companies around the world. In Spain, two key players are leading this change: IAMCP Spain and Emiral. Through their collaboration, they are driving innovation and business growth in the country.

What is IAMCP Spain?

The International Association of Microsoft Partners (IAMCP) is a global network of Microsoft partners working together to share best practices, build joint business, and increase the impact of Microsoft technology-based solutions. IAMCP Spain is the local branch of this organization and plays a crucial role in the Spanish technology ecosystem.

IAMCP Spain objectives:

  1. Encourage collaboration between partners: IAMCP Spain creates an environment where companies can collaborate, learn and grow together.
  2. Professional development: They offer training programs and events that help professionals stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies.
  3. Generation of business opportunities: They facilitate connections between partners and potential clients, creating a bridge between supply and demand.

Emiral: Innovation and Digital Transformation

Emiral is a consulting company that specializes in digital transformation and solutions based on Microsoft and Sage technologies. With a customer-centric approach, Emiral helps companies modernize their operations, improve efficiency and generate value through technology.

Emiral Services:

  1. Digital transformation consulting: They help companies define and execute their digital strategy.
  2. Implementation of Microsoft solutions: From Microsoft 365 to Azure, Emiral is responsible for the implementation and optimization of technological solutions.
  3. Support and training: They offer ongoing support and training to ensure customers get the most out of their technology investments.

Benefits of this association:

  1. Access to a global network: Through IAMCP, Emiral and other member companies have access to a global network of partners, facilitating internationalization and business expansion.
  2. Best practices and shared knowledge: Companies can share experiences and learn from best practices worldwide.
  3. Constant innovation: Collaboration fosters an environment of continuous innovation, where new ideas and technologies are implemented quickly.


Digital transformation is not an option, it is a necessity. Thanks to organizations like IAMCP Spain and innovative companies like Emiral, Spanish companies are better equipped to face the challenges of the digital future. Together, they are building a stronger and more resilient business ecosystem in Spain.

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